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The BioCharisma Podcast chronicles pioneering souls in their search for excellence.

…Dome-steaders, Flyers, Yogi's, Permaculturists, Home schoolers, Entrepreneurs and other Outliers share their stories with us.

My weekly blog is designed to share insights gained from years of massage, physical training, traveling and building.

Check out my YouTube channel where I have an ongoing catalogue of experimentation.

… Ingenuity, innovation and creativity are always adding to my 'To-Do' list of functional art. Watch my learning process.

Build with Me.

… Sample different building techniques that highlight the concept of Bio-Mimicry.

The BioCharisma Podcast is a chronicle of Great People. Our philosophical explorations weave us through a wide range of topics with our main focus being on both mental & physical health. Welcome!

Weekly Distillations from my life experiment.


Come learn how to enhance your surroundings with your personal touch. Our workshops teach how our hands are an extension of our minds and what a benefit that can be. Also we explore innovative practices that help our resilience.