Christopher Gardner's Bio

Christopher Gardner is a professional body worker from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, now residing in Costa Rica. Graduating from Michigan State University in 1998, he trained in massage therapy while playing in the Arena Football League as place kicker for the Florida Bobcats. 

Homesteading in Costa Rica ignited Christopher's 'inner' polymath. Being a city kid now cast in the rainforest afforded a steep learning curve in sustainable building and permaculture. Always learning, with other self starters of the Diamante Valley, he continues to gain inspiration on how to feed his beautiful community.  

Upon hearing about Terra Preta, amazonian bio-char, Mr. Gardner's green thumb was born. He created BioCharisma S.A. as a educational platform for quick and easy fertile soil production in the tropics. Hybridizing smokeless, wood burning stoves, ovens and saunas to produce carbon soil amendments has become his current specialty. 'Health, from the Ground Up,' embodies the simple heuristic sponsoring Confident Diet and BioCharisma.

The phenomenology of massaging and building has grounded Christopher into a life affirming methodology centered around nutrition. Understanding what links real nourishment to optimal health while having a symbiotic relationship with the biosphere is the main catalyst driving Christopher's inquiry.