Sky with Virgin Eyes

With my internet bogging down to an intolerable rate I came up with a plan. I decided to wake up at 3:30 am when I knew that I would have full bandwidth to do my work. To my surprise I awoke to this stellar constellation that was so bright I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Looking eastward at the horizon I was mesmerized, in awe, of how profound this celestial alignment was.

The feeling in my body was similar to that of listening to an orchestra. Symphonic music effects my physiology in a way that no other music does. The culmination of so many people coming into harmony and coherence with such precision imbues a deep power that charges my batteries. This vision above reverberated through me as if I was visually listening to the harmony of the constellations.

I had never ‘Sky watched,’ with fresh eyes before. My exposure to daylight and than false electrical light through the evening and night acclimated my eyes to a dull level of the light spectrum. I have been an avid real sky astrologer since I moved to Costa Rica, but I would always examine the celestial dome after a full day of brightness. Like any other part of the body that is used for a long time my eyes would be tired. 

Arising after 8 hours of deep rest my senses were totally anew. The piercing star light gave me an insight into my ancestors and their fondness for the night, in this case, morning sky. Not many realize that most of humanity’s ingenuity in the past was funneled towards building monuments that captured specific celestial arrangements. Astrology, the science of the stars, was astronomy before quantitative science. Our genetic predecessors disposed the majority of their income and energy mapping the stars.

Never having false light exposure and no real pollution to speak of the night sky to our forefathers must of been awe inspiring. Catching the fever per se I have no problem setting my alarm to beat my neighbors rooster. I have made the link between my mind activity and my vision. Pre coffee, post sleepy time equals zero prefrontal cortex activity. Meaning there’s no thinking. My visual acuity seems to increase when there’s no hard drive space allocated for thinking.

The planetary alignment I have been witnessing is rare and could have something to do with my new found fascination. Jupiter, which is the largest of the three planets is on the top, followed by the morning star, Venus and than Mars. These planets have a similar alignment to the Pyramids on the Ghiza Plateau, meaning they have a slight dog leg left.  They stay on their arch to the west Until the sunlight drowns them out around 5:30 a.m.  

This past week of experimentation has also taught me about the importance of the circadian rhythm. Being in the thick of the rainy season now it get’s pretty dark around 5-5:30 p.m., so going to sleep at 8 seems natural. I have been doing my nightly ritual of journaling that puts me in a restful state quite early and I don’t rally to stay awake. When I’m tired I go to sleep. This is sleep without exhaustion. I used to prime myself to stay up for visual entertainment, but this past month I have refrained while resetting myself to the tropics.

Having the capacity to watch the sky with a rested body and silent mind has added a new dimension to my stellar appreciation. Much of the mythology attached to the planets and stars that evaded me before can now be felt if not understood. More than anything the effect of that type of light is much more significant than I once thought. My Bio-Dynamic farming friends always speak of when to pick/prune certain plants in regards to planetary alignments. I feel that I much more vegetative than I thought!