The Trojan Horse of Parasites

The reality of parasites didn’t take hold for me until I contracted Leishmaniasis the second week I moved to Costa Rica. This wonderful welcoming gift does one of two things. It either eats your flesh or moves into your lungs making breathing a painful affair. Being a Naive American I had never let the world of parasites into my consciousness even though I had done many cleanses before hand.

What made this situation unique was that there was no getting around the fact that my flesh was being eaten. Unlike other parasites that can do their dirty work for years without ever being noticed, the aggressiveness of the Leishmaniasis was profound. The affects were compounded by the fact that three of us got it the same time so we got to see daily progress reports of what these critters were doing.

I elected to go the electric route in killing the parasites. There were not many options that were effective. Tales of people suffering over long periods of time with natural remedies turned me off of that path. The Costa Rican cocktail of heavy metals and chemicals wasn’t appealing. I resorted to cellular electrification after reading the science behind it. This is where insidiousness of parasites became apparent.

Spirochetes, Nematodes(worms) etc. are adaptive little buggers that have evolved to very efficiently feed off you and on you. Same with certain bacteria and fungi. They could all be considered part of the trophic chain of decomposition. You see, whether you like it or not, mother nature will turn you into soil… Your body that is. Depending on what types of stresses you are undergoing natures little helpers infiltrate your system usually through the trojan horse of your food. Sometimes you will get bitten or rub against something that has them ready and waiting, but usually the food you consume is loaded with these babies.

Our immune system starts in our gut for a reason. Most of us eat daily. When we eat our bodies protection mechanisms are on high alert for enemies that either want to set up shop or eat the shop. The unfortunate thing about the modern day is that many of these ancient foes of ours have been forgotten under the guise of modernity. Today’s food is less micro nutrient rich than it’s predecessors making it susceptible to all sorts of invaders. Anything in nature that isn’t healthy starts to be decomposed including your food.

This is quite an intimate affair because it makes us face our mortality. Before you were eating your food it was alive, hopefully. If it was, but it was unhealthy due to poor environmental circumstances, more than likely the decomposition process had started. That’s when the parasites come in. Their job is to eat, reproduce and break down. That’s it. There’s no morality involved. When we eat things that have been populated by parasites we more than likely become the host of a myriad of hungry organisms that find our tissues quite yummy.

Nothing is more humbling than knowing that you are essentially a meat tube that is a hospitality suite for microbial grifters. All spirituality and philosophy aside if these little thieves take over your life will become troublesome. One reason is that like any good politician, parasites interject thoughts into your mind that are not for your benefit. How’s this so? It’s been estimated that your gut micro biome can produce 3X the neuro-chemicals that your endogenous system can. Almost all of your thoughts have a chemical precursors. Yes, that’s right, most of your thoughts are not original. They are sponsored by forces that reside in you that have their own agenda.

So, what to do? First, reduce your exposure by cleaning your food and eating clean, fresh, organic food. No matter how something is packaged take the time to wash it with a vinegar/water solution. Remember, food from non organic sources will be susceptible to decomposition quicker, there for have many more critters. If you eat animal, make sure it’s as wild as possible because factory farm raising has a notorious history of needing tons of chemicals just to quell the bacteria overgrowth in their populations.

Take a parasite cleanse at least twice a year. They are usually very inexpensive and well worth the time investment. Depending on where you are in the world there will be many solutions that can accommodate your needs. I personally like using a zapper. It sends a electrical charge through my body that is antithetical to parasites and it induces autophagy, the intercellular purge mechanism. Coupling this with calcium bentonite clay, which absorbs pathogens, I feel wonderful in just a few days.

And finally, get your heart rate up by any means possible. Whether it’s weight lifting, jogging, playing pick up basketball etc… By increasing your pulse you will inevitably increase your breath capacity which gets everything moving in your body. When your dynamic you are signaling your environment that your youthful. Do not become senescent. Keep moving and breathing deeply oxygenating your system to the point of ejecting those things that don’t benefit you.