Is your Refrigerator adversely affecting your Health?

My mother is the consummate pack rat god love her. This habit has extended into her refrigerator where she will store left overs ad infinitum. In her new home with her massive new fridge she can literally store enough food to feed an army. On the opposite side of the spectrum is my Flemish girl friend and her family. Their refrigerators are barely populated by anything more than a day old. They have no Walmarts or Costcos in Belgium where you can purchase Mounds of edibles at once. Plus, they are food snobs. Day old bread is just unacceptable.

I received my degree in Hospitality Business Management from Michigan State University in 1998. While I was there the fastest growing sector within the hospitality industry was called ‘Food Replacement.’ Frozen food at your supermarkets, preprepared meals and fast food restaurants, yes that’s right, restaurants were all considered ‘Food Replacement.’ Doesn’t that strike you as odd? It did me. My final professor at university was unable to reconcile what are we eating if not food.

Now it’s apparent why it was labeled that way. The lack of freshness in what people consume does give calories but does not give nourishment, hence isn’t really food. When you couple this with the fact that food today already has less nutrients than in days past because of soil depletion there is literally a ‘Recipe,’ for disaster.

So what is the result of eating un-fresh, replacement food? Look no further than the growing number of illnesses within the U.S.. For being the wealthiest nation on the planet the amount of sickness that is plaguing it is deplorable. The prepackaged food industry has capitalized on years of naive Americans believing slick marketing. Many of the franchise restaurants also play into the more is better mentality where no matter what you will receive value by bringing home leftovers. I have been caught in that mind set of only feeling satisfied if I could leave with a whole other meal.

My time in other countries relinquished this unhealthy ideal of always bringing home food after I already ate. It seems ridiculous now that I have been broken from the habit. My european friends smoke and drink much more than my American friends yet are much healthier. I think it’s from the fact that eat fresh food all the time. The thought of bringing home a doggy bag is just that…. what ever food you bring home is fit for your dog.

The embarrassment of riches in the U.S. has lead to a gross miseducation of what actually nourishes us. For the sake of big business where you can take cheap inputs and distribute them at high profit is the M.O. of the Food Replacement Industry. Just to be clear, profit, not nutrition is the primary driver.

There is a synergy between un-healthy and un-fresh food. When combined and consumed regularly your body becomes susceptible to all types of critters including parasites. Than the fungus becomes among us. Yes, as our cells deteriorate nature sends in it’s cleaning crew literally to decompose you. That’s what a candida break out is. It’s your body producing extra fungus to eat the dying and senescent cells.

Don’t think your immune to being decomposed by nature. Living in the tropics has humbled me to the fact that my body is in great competition to survive with other organisms that see me as their meal ticket. It’s both a scary and yet a beautiful thing to know that I have to be alert to be healthy. Health is not a god given right, so to speak. I have this feeling that the real estate(our body) we occupy is in great demand so I better do my best to keep it up.