How Gardening could be the New Cross Fit.

Being blessed to have land to cultivate has shown me the physical benefits from farming. Breaking down the movements of farming had me ponder, What if all the cross fit people found and cultivated food for their workout?

The two primary benefits of this would be local food production and getting in shape. Sounds like a win win to me.

Why lift metal barbells or kettle bells when you could be lifting a 50lb sack of soil?

Do you like deadlifts? How about lifting a wheel barrow full of organic material to move around your yard.

Just moving large buckets of water to your roof top garden could be pulse inducing, if you’re in an urban environment.

Fresh food that you grow is the best gift you could give to yourself and your family. Gardening has it’s nutritional benefit, of course, especially if you plant edibles. It has also been shown to lower blood pressure and anxiety. The other side of it is It’s also hard work when you upscale it to the point of consistent production. For organic farming/gardening to work there are two things that are needed:

1.) A plot of land big enough to accommodate your garden.

2.) Man/Woman power.

A little know how helps also, but essentially back yard gardening is a Labor of love. The key term is labor. Now, we have so many individuals that are receiving there heart rate boost by throwing around weights in artificial environments. Is this some ancestral Miasm working it’s way into popular behavior?

Humans need to be outside just to keep their sanity. So let’s stack some functions *permaculture *style.

All cleans and Jerks can be replaced by climbing and pruning trees.

Shrugs, deadlifts and squats will be mirrored in wheel barrow engagement.

Moving rocks, soil, plants etc over uneven terrain will increase that Metabolic rate!

Bicep Curls, Lat rows and kettle bell swings will all find their death in digging ditches and holes for Terra-scaping.

And check it out. All the while you are making the land around you more beautiful and sometimes producing food. Think of taking all those calories that are burned inside a gym and putting them into organic food production. You could instantly minimize travel time and expenses while reclaiming you sovereignty from ‘Whole Pay Check.’

There needs to be a reclaiming of the food production cycle in the U.S. It’s hard to explain, but things you grow just taste better and I think are more nutritious. Why?

Plants know what you need after touching them a bunch and try to give it to you. Harvesting your accomplishment usually leads to fresh home made cuisine, which minimizes pre-prepared foods. Plants slow your clock down and make you aware of natural cycles, i.e. The Lunar Cycle.

Build intimacy with your food by growing it. If you want to know about nutrition try and grow things as naturally as possible. Don’t believe the propaganda that it’s hard. Everything worth having takes some time and elbow grease. Want to get your Workout on???? Cultivate a neighborhood Garden and build community by feeding people. By nourishing your community with a little sweat equity you have killed two birds with one stone.

If you need that tribal like intensity that’s present when overcoming adversity than take charge with your cohorts and petition to use local unused land for a community garden. Everywhere in Europe and Central America there are personal and neighborhood gardens tended to by locals. It’s so simple, we like to eat good food, look and feel great and party. Let your next neighborhood block party be at your bi-annual cooperative harvest. Few things are more life affirming than a Harvest Party!