Did You know that water isn't H2O?

The most fundamental building block of life is water. NASA spends Billions of dollars combing the universe in search of it to determine where humanity should travel. Water costs more per liter than oil now. Some of the wealthiest families in the world have sought out and purchased properties directly over aquifers that hold this resource. If your body looses 20% of it’s water volume your cognitive ability and power decreases by over 60%. It’s quite obvious this stuff is important.

But even though we intrinsically know and experience the importance of water their is surprisingly little known about it. Water, aka ‘The Universal Solvent,’ H20 is where science stops, at least when it comes to high school chemistry.

Enter Viktor Schauberger and Dr. Gerald Pollack. Viktor Schauberger was a Austrian born inventor/hydrologist who 100 years ago predicted our worlds current environmental calamity. He had a simple barometer for measuring societal/environmental health. It was easy for him, the health of the forests, the quality of music and the vitality of water were the best ways to determine whether or not we were on the right path. The problem with all of his work was that no one understood his terminology even though the results of inventions were spectacular.

This is where Gerald Pollack comes on to the scene. He is a current day scientist that has given Schauberger’s work credibility by describing on the micro scale what Schauberger was talking about on a macro scale. In studying how water interacts with semipermeable membranes he discovered qualities of water that seem down right esoteric.

Schauberger witnessed that nature uses vorticular turbulence to add what he called ‘qualigens.’ Think of these little and large spirals of fluid. In the center there are dense particles and on the periphery there are less coherent packets of molecules. Qualigens referred to quality/density, which he thought was essential to health and well being. His problem was that even though he could prove his premise the industrialization of Europe favored quantity and convenience over quality and longevity.

The scientific establishment of the day didn’t have time to ‘BioMimic(copy nature).’ Plus as materialism set in the notion that water was alive became laughable. Forcing this medium through straight, pressurized pipes and canals became the standard mainly because it was easy and cost effective.

What Gerald Pollack has been able to show is that the quality of water (Viktor’s Qualigens) has everything to do with what it touches and HOW it flows. Sounds familiar to Schauberger doesn’t it. Water turns into something else when it flows over a semipermeable(semi porous) membrane. It’s molecular structure changes into H3O4. This is similar to fluidic snow flake and carries the property of superconductivity.

Superconductivity is mysterious and controversial. Let’s just say that even though main(straight) stream science questions if it’s even possible most of the worlds platinum deposits are used in Super Computers because it’s the conductor with the least resistance. By super cooling platinum electrons can flow with next to no resistance. By vortexing water in semipermeable nano tubes you can do the same. Guess what your body is composed of?

That’s right, many of the vessels in your body are micro tubules that have fluids running through them. Gerald Pollack was able to show why we go unconscious under Anesthesia. Anesthesia muddies up the H3O4 not allowing for the bodies electrical current to flow. Without electricity the light of awareness dims or completely blinks out. We experience this to a lesser extent when we are dehydrated. Performance dwindles mightily as our water reserves are cashed.

Here’s the picture. As clean water flows through curvy flow forms it concentrates protons adding power as it goes along. Viktor Schauberger believed it was our responsibility to manage water in a way that it added quality to preserve the evolution of our habitat and humanity at large. Dr. Pollack’s studies have confirmed that this environmental model has it’s fractal forbearer within our body. Water truly is the life(electricity) giver.