My week with the Turpentine Parasite Cleanse

It didn’t take me too much cajoling to try turpentine as a parasite cleanse. It had been over six months since my last cleanse and I knew it was time by the symptoms I was expressing:

Splotchy skin

Flakey ear lobes


Chronic neck pain

I choose to use turpentine after listening to Dr. Jennifer Daniels. She was being interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts by Sofia Smallstorm who is an incredible investigative journalist. I was so impressed by the interview I vowed to try Dr. Daniel’s protocol as soon as I could get some 100% Pure Gum Spirits Turpentine.

Her logic was complete and protocol simple.

  • Hydrate to the point that you can eliminate three times a day.
    • Remove unhealthy dietary inputs.
    • Take a teaspoon of turpentine sprinkled over 3 small sugar cubes per day.

Your supposed to hydrate enough where the pathways of elimination are clean thorough fares. As the parasites die and or want to escape having unimpeded exits is best.

By not feeding the enemy(parasites) they start to look for a new home.

Turpentine does two things within your body. It stops the metabolic activity of parasites and it also repairs cells. The group of compounds known as turpines has been well established in the area of cellular repair. When parasites are nibbling on your bits they can be quite sloppy and damage cells making them senescent. These inactive cells don’t play nice with their surroundings causing tissue abnormalities and endotoxicity(internal toxicity.)

So here’s the Good News:

  1. I survived. That’s right, after seven straight days of one teaspoon of turpentine a day I had absolutely no ill effects.

  2. Within ten seconds I had an electrical surge that could be felt from head to toe.

  3. My senses were fully online.

  4. I had zero food allergies during Thanksgiving!!!!!

I felt electric after my first teaspoon of turpentine. If you have ever had a Kundalini rush with yoga you would know what I mean. It was such a pleasant sensation. I had a witness there just incase I keeled over and she commented on how my eyes instantly lit up. In speaking with Dr. Daniels afterwards she said it was my own electrical potential that I was feeling without those parasites leeching anything from my system.

It’s amazing what the body will do when you remove what hinders it. I have probably completed at least two dozen parasite cleanses before this one and each had it’s own merit. The turpentine cleanse was by far the quickest, cheapest and easy to execute with the most profound immediate return. My metabolism speed up, or should I say, wasn’t being leeched off of. A few of my chronic pain areas were no longer a hassle and my sense of sight and smell increased dramatically. I can see why pharmaceutical companies at the turn of the 20th century listed Turpentine as a cure all!

**Please visit and get your copy of Dr. Daniels’ candida cleanse. She once sold this for $800 per copy and is now offering it for free. This is the complete protocol that I followed.**