Turtle Shells

There is psychic ‘Turtle Shell’ effect that occurs when being exposed to the stress of modernity. Even though we have conveniences that our forefathers would of appreciated these services come at an unseen price, our health. The communications industry is using high frequency microwave radiation that permeates biological systems with incredible efficacy. Unlike clear and present danger stress that we could outwardly observe this type of radiation is subtle. It works on a subconscious level than our physiology being under duress chooses to insulate itself.

My observations are anecdotal and consistent. I have had the opportunity to travel through developing countries that are still agrarian and the most ‘Connected’ spots of the western world. The differences between the two are the most significant when it comes to how I sleep. At my Costa Rican homestead it is not unusual to have uninterrupted sleep of at least eight hours a night if not woken up by some forest animal. To sleep in the US or Europe for six hours would be a miracle for me. There are many factors that contribute to this unsettled feeling in the West even though I’m inhabiting plush environments.

Switching into the wifi settings on my iPhone in Florida is laughable with how many signals it’s receiving that are full strength. The quest for high speed internet has us bathing in a soup of electromagnetic radiation so thick that our biology get’s confused. Remember back in the day when your mom said don’t stand in front of the microwave? Now it’s impossible. Your living in the microwave!!!! In city scapes with mobile phone base stations every square mile, wireless routers, and now these bible sized cellphones, that also act as transmitters, create interference zones that are significant. Whether you can feel it or not there is no denying what microwaves do to water molecules. They agitate them. Unfortunately, we are mostly composed of water.

Microwaves are high frequency, electromagnetic square waves. The atmosphere of Earth and it’s Van Allen Belt deflect cosmic microwave radiation so we can survive. This macro view should be taken into account when considering our own biology. Earth’s surface is 70% water. What do you think would happen if Earth was bombarded with these cosmic square waves? Mother Nature deemed it necessary to generate a force field of sorts to defuse this extra energy. The human body has no such defense. So what are the observable effects of this type of long term exposure?

My theory is that our bodies do what they can to insulate themselves. Quite literally the epidemic of obesity and dehydration are directly related to the level of exposure to ionizing radiation. Many don’t know that we retain water when being toxified. This inflammation is a protect mechanism and a biomarker for what’s known as ‘endotoxicity,’ meaning internal poisoning. Experiments have shown the proliferation of endotoxicity from our micro biota when exposed to low levels of ionizing radiation. Is it any wonder that people are swelling in direct proportion to the quality of their food and exposure to cell phone frequency ranges?

It’s quite ironic that ‘cell’ phones have such a detrimental effect on our ‘cellular’ biology. I attended a conference in Gibraltar where the world’s foremost expert on ionizing radiation revealed field studies done by Sweden’s largest telecom corporation. Over a ten year period there was a net negative effect on all biological systems that were within line of sight of these high powered microwave base stations. This study was conducted from 2000-2010 before any of the 3G and now 4G speeds were available. Look at it this way. When you hear of the next high speed offering from your telecom provider realize that the higher frequency that’s used drills deeper and deeper into your biology.

We are a mind/body being where there’s a reciprocal relationship between our physiology and psychology. It’s a beautiful checks and balances system that gives multiple opportunities to monitor how our surroundings are effecting us. This external influence on our biology is known as epigenetics. The way my body interprets all of this extra stimulation is a sense of Overwhelm. This is stress, even though it is subtle. The epigenetic influence of the western world taxes my adrenal system to no end. I end up consuming more and looking for more things to relieve this stress which bodes very well for the current capitalistic model.

Looking through the lens of maturity I have become more and more sympathetic to the level of trauma people are enduring. As a massage therapist it’s obvious to see how different people hold stress. What occurs in overweight bodies is that there is very little sensitivity to external pressures and treatments. It’s as if the body has been adversely signaled for such a long time it becomes apathetic to positive inputs. I have asked my colleagues their opinions on this matter and they agree. The extra insulation acts like a ‘Turtle Shell,’ by which our clients can withdraw and feel safe. In fact, many times the positive epigenetic influence, in this case my hands, is rejected. As perplexing as this might sound it’s ver common.

The psychological mirror of the traumatized body manifests mainly as withdrawal. It’s undeniable and should be expected. Becoming antisocial is a byproduct of this negative epigenetic stimulus. Once again the irony is thick when considering ‘Social’ media. The streets of my neighborhood were once littered with children riding bikes and climbing trees thirty years ago. Today, in the same neighborhood with the same houses children are nowhere to be found. Inside tucked away with their virtual soma is the new precedent. It’s no wonder that obesity levels are sky rocketing.

Since returning to Costa Rica and feeling my body defrag I have become convinced that if one wants to maintain their health getting into nature, non engineered environments, is essential. Any way to diffuse the extra electromagnetism you absorb will be beneficial. I am researching ways that my friends in urban environments can release their stress in an effective manner. Epsom Salt bathes, outside exercise, less screen time are simple tips to alleviate this stress. Turtles have shells for a reason, to protect. We humans have to recognize our biomarkers and do the same.