Shielded Hearts

I have recognized a disturbing trend in my massage practice, which centers around the correlation between upper back stiffness and breast implants. No matter the age or fitness level of the women that have had breast augmentation, the results are the same: their backs are stiff as a board. A few friends of mine have had implants and then have had them removed, allowing their earlier life flexibility to return. The physical ramifications of adding weight, undergoing surgery, and changing one’s shape seem to be easy explanations for why this lack of pliability would set in. What I experience as Polarity Therapist working on the effected area is different... it’s energetic. Let me explain.

In Polarity therapy, the body is seen as an intricate matrix of subtle electrical circuits, which provide motive force to the musculo/skeletal system. In Chinese medicine, these subtle electrical lines are known as meridians. These meridians branch out into more rarified vectors that contain an overall polarity, either negative or positive. Negative areas receive electricity from their surroundings as positive parts emit a charge. Once attuned to these electrical impulses, one can determine whether or not the circuit board of the human body is functioning optimally.

Breast Implants adversely affect the natural electrical force that would be emitted from women's chests. They shift what would normally be a plus positive electrical charge into an area that needs attention, and therefore an attractive, negatively charged vector. Excluding all the different reasons why people get implants, the net effect post operation creates a negative force multiplier in the body. Massaging women with implants always feels similar for that reason. Their upper-middle backs start to feel like a man's back to the touch. Unfortunately, this induces a chronic pain state for which I haven’t found a remedy.

Many ancient Eastern modalities are in agreement that the reason why heterosexual coupling creates children, other than the obvious physiology of it, is that there is a perfect electrical balancing that occurs only between man and woman. The positive pole of the man enters the negative pole of the female with their chests completing the circuit through their contact. In deep Tantric states, this electrical current can be induced without penetration. Man and woman, being naked, need only to lovingly embrace one another for this third energy to appear. I personally have reached what’s known as ‘valley’ orgasm just by holding my beloved with her back and sacrum on my chest and hips. This might sound terribly unromantic, but if the bodies are in harmony they will act like a circuit cycling electricity into one another.

Breast implants reverse how the breasts should receive attention. We can equate attention to electricity. What normally would be an area of nurturing becomes an area of outward expression. As a babe, being held by your mum without a barrier between you and her heart chakra imparted a rhythm of life that is priceless. Whether you were breast fed or not, just connecting through your moms chest to the new world ensured your survival. All mammals have this attachment to the mammaries of their Madres. Their is a love/nurturing that can only be imparted through the breasts.

Implants muffle the Love signal, and the body responds. Because the chest can no longer give with the same sensitivity, the back can’t receive, so epic knots appear. I can not over state the level of disarray that this creates. All the electrical signaling along the spine becomes a jumbled mess. When your nerves don’t fire in the right order, crazy spasms take up long term residence, creating a level of tightness that is terribly uncomfortable. The human body is quite effective at distributing asymmetry. If the back becomes too tight, it will purposely shorten the hip flexors as to not have too much of a discrepancy. Physical therapists will be quick to tell you that the edges of your torso, hips and shoulders, will always mirror each other. It becomes obvious how the implants become a systemic problem.

As someone who is paid to remove pain, I have become hyper sensitive to what causes it. This has led me to a preventative medicine mind set with practical solutions. Almost every preexisting painful condition has a solution. The only solution I have found for breast implants is to have them removed. I have only worked on four women that reversed their augmentation. Each one of them had great success and feel better than ever regaining their former flexibility and vitality. Remember, pain is a devitalizing element in our lives that once removed can offer more energy for everything else.

A secondary benefit that has been enjoyed by these women is they feel more heart-centered. This might sound subjective, and to a great degree it is, but they all feel a more genuine Love experience. My guess is that the heart chakra is more able to open fully without the constant threat of objectification. Wanting to be attractive is natural, but forcing the issue with synthetic cosmetic surgery changes the overall coherence of the whole being. To a much more subtle degree, I have felt this with tattoos also. Understanding that we are wholly unique and our self acceptance is what makes us truly beautiful is the remedy that all of our heart chakras need.