Neutral's Healing Potential

You are God’s conduit to experience. Let me explain. God could be defined as infinite potential. Potential manifests in a myriad of things and humans have the ability to be conscious of these experiences. Our awareness, through trial and tribulation, gets skewed towards a polarity. On one end of the spectrum you have sensitivity, and at the other end there is numbness. Our responsibility is to increase our capacityfor sensitivity, as that allows the full experience of things. In a way, it’s our payment for life.

All things want to be experienced. Look at your own life. When people haven’t accepted you or trusted you, what has been your response? Usually there’s anger, rage etc…. all the negative emotions, because your full expression is being stifled. We yearn for total and utter acceptance. What makes you think that the other manifestations with which we cohabitate with are any different? From a broad enough perspective, everything in totality wants to be fully experienced. Even those subtle things such as thoughts and emotions.

Existence seems to be the field of potentiation. This quantum idea surmises that out of infinite possibilities, there seems to be a discreet amount of occurrences that each one of us get to experience. Why do we experience the very unique set of circumstances and their settings with their particular players when we actually do? How is it that objective reality can have such a subjective interpretation from all these billions of bio-energetic organisms? The answer came to me through spontaneous healing.

I flipped my quad on a dirt road in Costa Rica and separated my ankle. I had to ride a different quad back to my hotel which was 45 minutes away, causing a tremendous amount of swelling and discomfort. By the time I propped my leg up, I was nauseous from pain. Without any pain medication, I was left to cope with the throbbing by myself. I got to a place of acceptance a few hours later within the pain state.

I got the intuitive hit to go into the pool and wade around. As I navigated the shallow waters, my body signaled me to make a micro adjustment in my posture and my ankle slipped back into place. I was Holy Aware that the move that I was inspired to make came from my acceptance, my willingness, to fully experience the dislocation. It was as if my full awareness of the experience allowed it to move through.

Leaning on the analogy of personal acceptance and seeing the healing benefit of being totally neutral to the intensity of an adverse trauma opened my mind to what addiction is. For this I will define addiction as a repetitive behavior of desensitization, which is usually accompanied with a feeling of guilt. Addiction is a polarization away from sensitivity where the underlying driver of the addiction is consistently masked by a compulsion. Guilt has this funny way of hitting the repeat button. Whenever there is guilt there is an encore.

Guilt is such a strong emotion that there isn’t enough space for your awareness to have an unsullied experience. Part of our social conditioning is to make us feel guilty about everything, so that we experience nothing. What has to be remembered, though, is that we are responsible for fully experiencing our set and setting. This is epigenetics at it’s finest on the physical level and SELF awareness on the spiritual level. Human differentiation was created for the variety of subjective outlooks in this plain of existence.

At the heart of any occurrence there is a neutral center which animates that occurrence. Any high functioning individual will tell you about “The Zone.” This mythical space of utter observance happens during dynamic physical exertion. It’s utterly humbling to know that your best happens unintentionally, without effort. I experienced this on regular occasion within the sports arena, but have talked to many surgeons and professionals that ‘Drop’ into the zone by surprise when the stakes are high. I find that my clients now receive the most benefit when Neutral dominates my awareness. This is ironic, as I am a Polarity Therapist.

The mechanism of Neutral is fascinating in that it is the great animator, and at the same time ever elusive. I feel like the fish not knowing what water is because it is all pervasive. I have been able to trick my mind into a more steady set of neutral observance by knowing that Nature abhors a vacuum. What does that mean? There is no such thing as an empty space.

When you are in strict observance of what is, the identification with your ideas is purged, leaving a clean, unsullied condensation of the entire universe. This is why engineers refrigerate the chip sets of quantum computers all the way to absolute zero. At that lack of temperature, the entire field of potential(quantum) can be accessed spontaneously. Temperature is a measure of movement, polarity, so reducing that to as close to nothing as possible is analogous to Being Still. “Be Still and know that I am God.”

In a way, it’s why everyone loves a surprise. We didn’t see it coming, so it produces a thrill. There is no way to sabotage it. You’ve definitely heard the phrase, “He is his ownworst enemy.” When ultra still, the pattens of self doubt are not present. These patterns of surprise, stillness, healing etc… point to this unintentional neutral space where life gets to be fully experienced. There is a renewal that happens to the perceiver and the perceived. Maybe this is the power of ‘Bearing Witness’ that so many spiritual teachings describe.

I am a specific differentiated condensate of the whole of existence here to bear witness for god. It’s all just happening, and my responsibility is to continue my practice of cultivating sensitivity so that my capacity for intensity, my bandwidth, may increase to a point that new potential may be made manifest. This is the lords prayer.