Know Thyself with Contract Law

There was a time when children were seen as ‘little’ people, not kids, and were taught the ways of the world in a single room School House where the teacher would get to know the student over multiple years. As little people would grow older they would take the leadership role in teaching their younger peers all under the purview of an educator who’s sole purpose was to make sure that everyone understood ‘How’ to learn through the Trivium process. This is where the term Grammar school comes from as grammar is the first aspect of this process.

The average day in this environment was only three hours which left plenty of time for other ventures. Industrialists became highly agitated by the free thinkers of this generation as they were quickly innovating past their capital investment. A plan was put in place to usurp the common man’s consent and labor through changing education into schooling effectively routing the western world into ‘Wage’ slavery.

This podcast features Barry, a common man, who has educated himself with the tool of contract law where he can use his legal personage to his advantage. He and many others are using contract law to fully explore their human rights. Sounds funny, but our human rights and land rights are inextricably linked. Maybe the Christian parable of having to go through hell to get to heaven is true. In this analogy Hell is the Legal system and heaven is our man/woman hood.

To date, this is the most important information that I have come across. In the near future I will interview others that have dedicated their time into knowing the dominion. This process will take as much dedication as the energy that was invested to obscure it. As you will hear from Barry, it’s time to learn how to be Response-ABLE and honorable. Happy Hunting.