The Spell Binding World of the Language Makers

Much of life is pattern recognition and some would say code breaking. Gamers will tell you that if you find the right cheat codes within certain games their winning percentage dramatically increases. Our guest, Marty Leeds, has taught himself Gematria which is the mathematical cipher that underlies all of the world’s major languages.

His studies have revealed a beautiful congruency between language, nature, and the human/heavenly bodies using Gematria. The elegance of this number system is that it gives a simple way of assigning value to words that has been lost to the public. As we are learning with Legalese it is incredibly important to know all the different meanings of common words and not to assume anything. We think in words so cultivating a thorough understanding of their symbolic/numerical significance allows us to be more conscious. Marty Leeds gives us insight into this spell binding world of the language makers.