Ole Dammegard on Social Engineering through False Flag Attacks

Good Day BioCharisma Family. Today we have Ole Dammegard joining the podcast to discuss the role that False Flags play in our lives. Having friends in Belgium I was immediately worried upon hearing of the bombings that went off there, but tempered my emotional response by remembering that most of these events are not as they are depicted.

Ole has been an investigative journalist for thirty years and has sussed out the main patterns of these 'Thrust' events. We dive into what could be the intent that sponsors these happenings and what we should look for as to prevent us and our love ones from ever coming across harms way. 

As you listen to Ole you can’t help but feel his sincerity. He’s the opposite of shock jocks out there trying to promote fear and discord. It’s refreshing to have such a solution oriented, courageous individual on the podcast. Please check out his work @ LightonConspiracies.com.