The Occult Roots of Modern Scientism

As a child many of my questions regarding the natural world were met with consternation from my science teachers and than professors. Gauging the authorities dismissive answers to my curiosity caused a deep insecurity in my intellect. I thought I was stupid for not understanding what I was being force fed. This turned me off from my natural curiosity and jump started two character flaws:

I became apathetic to my natural world.

I didn’t question the authorities any longer.

My naive younger self believed that science was a completely rational search for truth using experimentation with no spookyness involved. I truly thought that science was void of opinion. Moving into the natural world ten years ago Mother Nature intervened by dissolving my apathy and getting me back in touch with my senses. Using my senses, what a novelty, to discern my environment brought old questions to the forefront, but this time I wouldn’t be stymied. Once my anger dissipated from being lied to so often I came to an axiom that I use constantly:

I will trust an inventor over a scientist any day.

The reason being? Inventors are result oriented, scientists, especially those promoted, are mostly theoretical. That’s where this weeks guest, Michael Joseph, work is relevant. His 90 video series on the origins of science from the occult point of view. Michael's Occult Science series knocks home the point that Science isn't the rational endeavour for truth, it's an ancient mystery religion being spun to sound legitimate. Current Day Scientism has an incredible public relations department with huge funding and wonderful CGI to keep the majority like I once was, Naive.