Autonomic Intelligence(AI) with Max Igan

A very unfair assumption that we are taught to think is that Technology, in it’s current electrical iteration, has made life better.

I have had the luxury of loosing electrical conveniences throughout my life and seeing the beneficial effect on the communities I lived in. The only time people were friendly in florida was after a hurricane. Want to meet your neighbor? Wait for a hurricane to come to town. The power service in Costa Rica was so twitchy when I first moved there that we had nightly card games and live music to pass the electricity free time. Light by candle or fire was so soothing and now has been proven to be excellent for our mitochondria.

Max Igan, of, discusses the evolution of the pursuit of knowledge and how that has led to a technocracy that isn’t life affirming. 5G technology uses what’s known as a millimeter wave which is extremely deleterious to biological systems. The current 4G communications grid is being linked to mitochondrial dysfunction in humans, flora sterility, tumor growth in most animals amongst other things. These negative side effects of 4G microwaves, which are over a meter long, will only be exasperated the 5G millimeter wave. It's important to Understand that this technology already has been weaponized.

What we Cover:

Autonomic Intelligence(AI)


5G Network


Vedanta Advaita(Path of non-duality)

GeoPolymer Pyramids

Spontaneity, and how it's being stolen

The Onslaught of Information. The path of Jnana

The Eternal Quest for Knowledge.

The Userist Monetary System results in an obsession with convenience and economy