Regenerative Agriculture with Itai Hauben

A few weeks ago there was a seed festival in my neck of the woods where I ran into an old friend, Itai Hauben. It was a fortuitous reunion in that we got to share in our current creations and I was able to rope him into coming onto the podcast. As you will hear in the interview, Itai is a tremendously conscientious individual. I can truly say there are few people that I listen more keenly to than Itai. Under his cool demeanor is a brilliant long term vision and PLAN for restoring the glory between nature and man. Here are a few quotes from Itai:

"It’s not a problem of design….It’s a problem of finance and distribution.”

"Animals are wonderful translators.”

What we cover:

What is Permaculture?

Dynamic Disequilibrium

Rise Project Costa Rica


Regenerative Agriculture

Sustainable Solution Caravan with Stephen Brooks

Punta Mona

Pachamama Costa rica

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