Christopher's massages are amazing, with therapeutic benefits that extend far beyond just getting a massage.  Relaxation, yes, but also a feeling of being whole-body balanced and re-newed.  ’Topher' is the best massage therapist I have ever worked with, and I recommend him to all my guests with total confidence that he can adeptly care for them and all of the different types of bodies, personalities and needs that come across his table.  Plus, he is a good guy, has a loving heart and fascinating depth of knowledge about so many things.  -  Josephine Calvi, owner of Farm of Life, Costa Rica, www.farmoflifecr.com.

Christopher is a very sensitive and aware therapist. His understanding of whole body systems allows him to tailor his therapy to your needs. I highly recommend him. I suggest that you get the Deep-Tissue massage from Topher. You will cry like a baby and curse Tophers name. You will repent your sins and beg for mercy. Cheaper than therapy.  -  Degan Wilcox, owner of Living Space S.A., Costa Rica, www.livingspacecostarica.net

Body work with Christopher is like nothing I'd ever experienced before. He carries powerful medicine and isn't afraid to tell you the truth about what he observed post-treatment. His approach is unique, personal, intuitive and was effective for me. Also, if I were now looking to expand my understanding of body work treatments I would jump at the chance to work with Topher!  -  Susan Reynolds, massage therapist, Edinburgh Scotland

As a Chiropractor, I have often traded services with other health care practitioners and body workers. What I have learned is that I must be very selective about who I allow to touch me, as my sensitivities to other people’s energies can sometimes leave me feeling drained and with even more pain than I showed up with. Christopher Gardner is one of the few body workers I have worked with whose energy is clean and frequency consistently high. One day I arrived for an appointment with diffuse body aches and joint pains, and as if he were working alchemically, I got off the table with absolutely no pain or aches. He is a master in his field for sure!  -  Nicole Hewitt, Chiropractor, Denver Colorado

In hockey, there's Wayne Gretzsky. In golf, Tiger Woods. Christopher Gardner is the massage therapist that breaks records regardig skill, sensitivity, therapeutic benefit, and many other surprising qualities that I'd never encountered before in a massage therapist. He seems to just know where to go and how to deliver the body from its bondage of illness and blockage, not just in the muscles, but also in the joints, sinews, and fascia. An extraordinary massage therapist. -  Dr. Moshe Daniel Block, Montreal Canada, www.holistic-counseling.ca/about.html 

Christopher's massages have easily been some of the best treatments I have ever received. His massage technique combines intuition, knowledge of the human body with a beautiful balance of strength and softness. He has been treating clients of mine during my yearly Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica with outstanding results from each participant. - Andrea Robertson, Personal Trainer, Body & Balance, www.bodyandbalance.ca/category/home/