Vital Movement

Yoga, Acrobatics, Hiking, Swimming, Sex, Resistance Training, Massage, Dance, Martial Arts

Group of backpackers in mountains

Consistently moving your body in both symmetrical and a-symetrical ways that provide dynamic resistance ensures physical strength and resilience. Challenging exercise in spontaneous environments has been proven to be effective at minimizing anxiety and depression. Creating the habit of physically stressing your body intelligently builds confidence. We are embodied beings that thrive on spontaneous input. That's why playing in natural settings is of paramount importance.

Our morphology(shape) has been adapted for us to be on our feet. As Dr. Mercola would say, "Sitting is the new smoking." Being upright as a bipedal animal is a privilege. As many times as you can a day get off your tuchus and engage your feet. Nothing is more life affirming than being on your feet, in any capacity, while the sun is out. Balance based practices such as Yoga and Dancing refine your physical grace and can be done in any setting. You will be surprised how many people will follow suit once you bust out in Trikonasana!

Partner practice is highly recommended in what ever you choose as a movement modality. Humans are social and will usually push a little harder when there is an extra set of eyes. Peer pressure can be constructive when having a trusted companion. Enjoying friendly competition mimics many of the natural stresses that are present in the wilderness. It's better than okay to be pushed. It's absolutely necessary to touch the boundaries of what you think you can do. Massage is another avenue that allows for a beautiful interplay of bioenergetics between people. Don't think you have to be a professional to touch another consenting adult. Most people are big mush pots that melt when feeling the tenderness and care of their fellow friends.

Cathartic activities, such as kicking a heavy bag, swatting a tennis ball, tossing a kettle bell, etc... are forms of healthy aggression. There is a massive taboo around violence even though Nature shows us that all physical creatures use it for their survival. Touching violence, in socially acceptable ways, breeds a higher awareness of one's reactivity. 'A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one.'  Without the opportunity to express our internal anger we become a psychological powder keg. Think of catharsis as controlled combustion, just like in your car, getting you from point A to B. It is a necessary component to a healthy lifestyle. 

There is no replacement for a good thumping heartbeat. You might be surprised that one of the best ways to get your heart racing is in a sauna or sweat lodge. As you become saturated with heat your body manufactures Heat Shock Proteins to help your cells maintain their shape. This hormetic response has been proven to aid in longevity. Plus, you'll never get as good of a sweat sitting down.


Vital movement extends itself to the realm of learning. Nueroplasticity, our brains capacity to form new pathways, can be amplified through exploring new horizons. A fully engaged mind is the best defense against boredom. Learn a new language. Travel to foreign countries. Experiment with new recipes. Even training yourself in the logical fallacies can illuminate old ideas. Add variety to your status quo so you can feel the exhilaration of 'Not Knowing.'